Tips to Score Good Marks in Anna University Examinations

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The mindset is differed from each and every people So it is according to you that how you going to write exams. So you only know the how you can write your exams to score good marks in examinations

  • Anyway here are some of the tips to score good marks in examination Concentrate more on your 2 MARKS as 2 MARKS Speaks more in your paper
  • As per the 16 Marks is Concern just know the concepts and try to built up the concept in your own words, write minimum 2 pages and maximum 3 pages not more than that Because Anna university allocated the question paper very nicely, see 2 marks is for half of the page in one side, so in 1 page 8 marks means 2 pages totally16 Marks
  • Getting up early at the morning and studying for the examination is your wish, it is according to your mind set
  • Check whether you having the necessary blue pen, black pen, rubber, sharpner or Tip pencil, HALL TICKET, College ID CARD etc… as per your need
  • But be early to the examination at least 30 minutes before to the examination
  • Be relaxed to attend the examination, don’t read or study or mug up at the last minute its just useless
  • After entering into the examination hall be seated in your allotted place
  • After getting your question paper, check your question paper and also teh answer sheets given
  • Attend all the 2 MARKS in the necessary allocated space and 16 marks as well
  • Try to finish the exam before 5 mins and check your paper