Signature Specifications | GATE 2015

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Signature Specifications

  1. Please draw a rectangular box of size 2 × 7 cm (Height x Width) on an A4 white paper. Put your signature with black or dark blue ink pen within this box.
  2. Get the signature digitally image scanned by a professional using a scanner, and get the image cropped to the box by the professional.
  3. Maintain 120 pixels in width and 420 pixels in height.
  4. Only JPEG image formats will be accepted.
  5. The maximum pixel resolution for the image is 160 × 560.
  6. The minimum pixel resolution for the image is 80 × 280.

Photographs of the signatures taken using mobile phone or digital cameras are not acceptable, and can result in disqualification of the application without any refund of the fee.

Sample Signatures

Not Acceptable Signature Reason for Rejection Acceptable Signature
Signature in Capital
Signature not in full and in Capital
Signature not in full
Signature taken via mobile phone / camera
Poor Digital Resolution