Rules of Examinations – Malpractice Punishments.

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  • A candidate is permitted to use geometric tools, non-programmable calculators and approved tables and data books only during the theory and the practical examinations.
  • No other material/gadget (including cell phone) should be brought inside the examination hall. A candidate should neither possess/refer any forbidden material in any form nor should seek/obtain assistance in any form from any person/source towards answering the questions during the examinations.
  • He/she should not assist other candidates in any form towards answering the questions during the examinations.
  • The candidate should not reveal his/her identity in any form in the answer scripts. The candidate should not indulge in canvassing either directly or indirectly to award more than deserving marks in the exanimations.

The candidate should maintain discipline and decorum during the examinations. Violation of the above rules in any form during the examinations will attract punishment ranging from levying fine to permanently debarring the candidate from continuing his/her studies as given below.
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