KVASC Students-We are the future of our Country

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The students of KV ASC share their experience about the motivational talk they had on January 3, 2015. This event was held in the school campus and was organised by the KVASC Bangalore Alumni Association.

The following experience was written by Snehal Semwal of Class 11, Section B.

“We are the future of our Country”

  • As we all know that, we are the future of our own country and we have to do our best for our country as well as for us. In this case our school K. V. ASC Centre is very much concerned about the path we should choose.
  • On this note, I want to share my experience of a motivational talk with Mr. Ian Faria, about our future, that is “path ahead”.
  • Mr. Ian Faria is a motivational speaker as well as a great counselor, he is a person with a great mindset and has ability to encourage students and others.
  • Actually, it was a enlightening experience while interacting with Mr. Fartia at Chopra auditorium in ASC centre. The way he talked to us was really tremendous, it was just like a friend talking to us.
  • Mr. Faria even said that for being successful in life one should have 2 C’s in their life with studies, these 2 C’s stands for Communication and Confidence and it is not wrong to say many of us lack these 2 C’s.
  • Many of us are there who are still afraid to communicate with others. But we should not be afraid of it, we should face it and have confidence. The more we communicate, the more will be our confidence level.
  • To make us understand the meaning of these 2 C’s, Mr. Faria made us to do some exercise: the 1st was to stand in your own place and with both your hands up, should say, yes I am confident. It was amazing to do this and after this, I really felt very confident and even more enthusiastic.
  • This was for confidence, now comes communication. For this the exercise was that, you have to leave your place and have to shake hands with unknown person in the auditorium and sit with that person.
  • It was very exciting to be with new people, expressing it becomes difficult. This interaction with Mr. Faria was so amazing and I must say that, due to this interaction, I will be able to decide my future very well and also will be able to choose a right path for myself.
  • At last I only want to thank our honourable Principal and our teachers for giving us this great opportunity to interact with such great personality and to help us choose a right path for our future.

The following share of experience was written by Aryan Shahi, Class 11, Section B

“True purpose of education is to create minds, not careers”

  • We departed the school at 8.40 am to reach Chopra auditorium in the campus of ASC centre south. As we arrived there we were welcomed by Alumni of KV ASC.
  • We settled down and one of the members of the alumni came to diaz and invited Mr. Ian Faria to start his counselling session.
  • It was a wonderful session, which lasted for an hour. We had a lot of fun there and that one hour was infact the best hour of any counselling session in whole life. We learned the principle of 2 C’s “Confidence and Communication skills”.
  • He helped us to develop this confidence within us. The mind makes magic was his motto and he serves it with respect. I am very thankful to my school, my teachers and KVASC Alumni for giving us such a wonderful chance of witnessing such a great speaker.

Ian Faria speaks to KVASC students

The Kendriya Vidyalaya, ASC Center, Bangalore Alumni Association organised an event on January 3, 2015 for the students of Class 11 and 12. Leading Executive Coach Ian Faria addressed the students of KVASC.

  • Ian Faria chose to speak on the topic “Choosing the Road Ahead”. He is one of the country’s leading Corporate Trainers and Executive Coaches. His speech shed light on what could be done in order to create a strong foundation for a clearer and better future. It also enabled students to understand the road ahead and the importance of decisions.
  • Before all students assembled in the auditorium the speaker Ian Faria mingled with students to warm them up for the event. He was seen having conversations to put the students at ease.
  • Ian Faria stressed the two main things anyone needs to be successful are “Confidence” and “Communication”. The interaction with students was very interesting, couple of students who were shy came on stage to interact with Ian and within few minutes one could see the bolder part of that very same shy student.
  • The event also witnessed the presence of distinguished alumni of the prestigious institution along with the teachers, Principal and the students of class 12 of KV ASC, Bangalore.