JNTU-HYD : B.Tech & B.Pharmacy 1st Year (R13) I Mid Exam Time Tables (Dec 2013)

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I B.Tech I Mid Time Tables Download Here and View
I B.Pharmacy I Mid Time Tables Download Here and View

Note : For B.Tech / B.Pharmacy 1st Year (R13) Students
1) 25 Marks are allocated for Internal Exams.

2) Mid- term examination consists of one objective paper, one essay paper and one assignment. The objective paper and the essay paper shall be for 10 marks each with a total duration of 1 hour 20 minutes (20 minutes for objective and 60 minutes for essay paper). The Objective paper is set with 20 bits of multiple choice, filling the blanks and matching type of questions for a total of 10 marks. The essay paper shall contain 4 full questions (one from each unit) out of which, the student has to answer 2 questions, each carrying 5 marks.

3) First mid-term examination shall be conducted on Unit 1 of the syllabus.

4) Five (5) marks are allocated for Assignments (as specified by the subject teacher concerned).

5) If any candidate is absent from any subject of a mid-term examination, an on-line test will be conducted for him by the University.

6) The total marks secured by the student in each mid-term examination are evaluated for 25 marks, and the average of the three mid-term examinations shall be taken as the final marks secured by each candidate