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EC6014 COGNITIVE RADIO                                  L T P C                       3 0 0 3


OBJECTIVES: The student should be made to:

  • Know the basics of the software defined radios.
  • Learn the design of the wireless networks based on the cognitive radios
  • Understand the concepts of wireless networks and next generation networks


UNIT               I                       INTRODUCTION TO SOFTWARE DEFINED RADIO 9

Definitions and potential benefits, software radio architecture evolution, technology tradeoffs and architecture implications.

UNIT               II                      SDR ARCHITECTURE 9

Essential functions of the software radio, basic SDR, hardware architecture, Computational processing resources, software architecture, top level component interfaces, interface topologies among plug and play modules,.


 Marking radio self-aware, cognitive techniques – position awareness, environment awareness in cognitive radios, optimization of radio resources, Artificial Intelligence Techniques.

UNIT               IV                     COGNITIVE RADIO ARCHITECTURE 9

Cognitive Radio – functions, components and design rules, Cognition cycle – orient, plan, decide and act phases, Inference Hierarchy, Architecture maps, Building the Cognitive Radio Architecture on Software defined Radio Architechture.

UNIT              V                      NEXT GENERATION WIRELESS NETWORKS 9

 The XG Network architecture, spectrum sensing, spectrum management, spectrum mobility, spectrum sharing, upper layer issues, cross – layer design.


 OUTCOMES: Upon completion of the course, students will be able to

  • Describe the basics of the software defined radios.
  • Design the wireless networks based on the cognitive radios
  • Explain the concepts behind the wireless networks and next generation networks


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