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Anna university Information Technology lab manuals R2013

Anna university IT Lab manuals regulation 2013


1 sem

2 sem

GE6161 Computer Practices Lab
GE6162 Engineering Practices Lab
GE6163 Physics and Chemistry Lab – I
GE6262 Physics and Chemistry Lab – II
CS6211 Digital Lab
CS6212 Programming and Data Structures Lab

3 sem

4 sem

IT6311 Programming and Data Structures Lab II
IT6312 Database Management Systems Lab
IT6313 Digital Communication Lab
IT6411 Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab
IT6412 Operating Systems Lab
IT6413 Software Engineering Lab

5 sem

6 sem

IT6511 Networks Lab
IT6512 Web Programming Lab
IT6513 Case Tools Lab
IT6611 Mobile Application Development Lab
IT6612 Compiler Lab
GE6674 Communication and Soft Skills – Lab Based

7 sem

8 sem

IT6711 Data Mining Lab
IT6712 Security Lab
IT6713 Grid and Cloud Computing Lab
 IT6811  Project Work 

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  1. I need web programming lab manual 5th semester. How to get it?

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