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Anna university Electronic & Communication Engineering Lab manuals regulation 2013

Anna university ECE Lab manuals regulation 2013


1 sem

2 sem

GE6161 Computer Practices Lab
GE6162 Engineering Practices Lab
GE6163 Physics and Chemistry Lab – I
GE6262 Physics and Chemistry Lab – II
EC6211 Circuits and Devices Lab
IT6212 Programming and Data Structures Lab

3 sem

4 sem

EC6311 Analog and Digital Circuits Lab
EC6312 OOPS and Data Structures Lab
EC6411 Circuit and Simulation Integrated Lab
EC6412 Linear Integrated Circuit Lab
EE6461 Electrical Engineering and Control System Lab

5 sem

6 sem

EC6511 Digital Signal Processing Lab
EC6512 Communication System Lab
EC6513 Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab
EC6611 Computer Networks Lab
EC6612 VLSI Design Lab
GE6674 Communication and Soft Skills – Lab Based

7 sem

8 sem

EC6711 Embedded Lab
EC6712 Optical and Microwave Lab
EC6811  Project Work

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  1. i need communication skills laboratory manual for Civil and mechanical and cse and ece departments, as per 2013 regulation

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