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Anna university Civil Engineering Lab manuals regulation 2008

Anna university Civil Lab manuals regulation 2008


1 sem

2 sem

GE2115 computer practice lab-1
GE2116 engineering practices lab
GS2165 Physics & Chemistry lab
GE2155 Computer Practice lab-II*
GS2165 Physics & Chemistry lab – II*
ME2155 Computer Aided Drafting and Modeling lab
EC2155 Electrical Circuits lab(For branches under I & C Faculty)
EE2155 Electrical Circuits lab(For branches under Electrical Faculty)
English Language lab

3 sem

4 sem

CE2207 Survey Practical – I
CE2208 Computer Aided Building Drawing
CE2257 Strength of Materials Lab
CE2258 Hydraulic Engineering lab
CE2259 Survey Practical – II

5 sem

6 sem

GE2321 Communication Skills lab
CE2307 Concrete and Highway Engineering Lab
CE2308 Soil Mechanics lab
CE2355 Environmental and Irrigation Engineering Drawing
CE2356 Environmental Engineering lab
CE2357 Survey Camp

7 sem

8 sem

CE2405 Computer Aided Design and Drafting lab
CE2406 Design Project
CE2453 Project Work

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