Anna University Pass Mark What is the Pass mark in Anna University ? AU Exams Pass Marks

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Anna University Pass Mark What is the Pass Mark in Anna University Exams?

How much should i get to pass in Anna University Exam ?

Anna University conducts both practical and theoretical stream of  exams for all its affiliated colleges. Anna University Conducts all exams for 100 marks i.e. both practical and Theory Exams. Anna University Converts this theory 100 marks into 80 marks and remaining 20 marks for internal.

then comes question that what is the pass mark of anna University ? it is easy to pass in anna university exams ? here is the answer for this questions.

In Anna University Exams, students attends theory and practicals for 100 marks. this 100 marks is converted into 80 marks. and remaining 20 marks is allotted for internals.

Anna University exams Pass Marks – AU Minimum pass mark

Students should get 45 marks for the total of 100 marks and 36 marks for the total of 80 marks. so, students should compulsorily get 36 out of 80 to get pass in anna university. if the students mark is 14 out of 20 in internals, the above case is applicable.

if the students get zero marks in internals then he/she should be fully depended on the theory exam. i.e. no way he/she should get 50. here is a case for better understand.

case A :

student A

total marks =  100

internal marks = 20

marks obtained in theory by student =  45 /100

marks obtained in thoery by student = 36/80

in internal = 14 marks (minimum)

in this, internal must be 14 marks in order to get pass. if internal is < 14 marks , he/she is said to be fail.

case B :

Student B

total marks = 100

internal marks =20

marks obtained in theory = 63 /100

marks obtained in theory = 50/100

internal marks = 0/20

so in this case, student is said to be passed even he/she gets 0 marks in internals and gets 50 marks in theory itself.


Anna University Internal Marks calculations

Anna University gives the internal marks for the students by their Unit Test or Internal Assessment Test performance and Attendance Percentage. Anna University appeals to all its affiliated colleges to conduct two cycle test and one model exams and period (schedule) of the test is also announced by anna university to all its affiliated colleges.


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